Practice with Real Life Coding Projects

Coding projects are a great way to practice coding, improve your skills and build your portfolio.

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Best way to learn programming is by
building projects

Learn and improve by doing and build outstanding portfolio

Devchallenges | Learn by building real-life coding projects
🏃‍♂️ Escape tutorial hell by "Learn, build and review"

Stop only watching tutorials and actually learn by building projects and review other people’s works.

✨ Build outstanding portfolio

Building projects help to build a portfolio of work that showcases your abilities to potential employers.

Devchallenges | Learn by building real-life coding projects
Devchallenges | Learn by building real-life coding projects
🏆 Collect new skills

Engaging in real-life coding projects or learning new technologies can help you develop a diverse skill set and enhance your career prospects.

How it works

Get easily started with 3 steps


[Step 1]

Choose a challenge

Choose a challenge, paths will help you navigate. You will have access to the editor where you can download the resources and get the requirements.


[Step 2]

Code and Submit

Code the project in your own space. To submit the project, you must provide a GitHub repository link and a demo link. Demo link is where your project is deployed.


[Step 3]

Review and Feedback

To improve your code and extend your knowledge, review others‘ code and give them feedback to improve. These skills are essential in the workplace.

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Career path

Responsive Web Developer Path

This path is designed for you to practice HTML, CSS, and basic JavaScript. You can practice with frameworks like Tailwind CSS, Bootstrap,... based on your need.

Career path

JavaScript Developer Path

In this path, it's not yet recommended to use any Frontend libraries like React, but instead, you should practice the fundamentals of JavaScipt like Document Object Model (DOM), Algorithms, Events, and Fetch API,...

Career path

Frontend Developer Path

This path is the place where you practice popular frameworks that are required in almost every Frontend job like React, Vue.js, and Svelte,...

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The best way to learn programming is by building projects. Creating coding projects, such as simple applications or websites, helps in understanding programming basics, thinking like a developer, and gaining hands-on experience

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